Meelunie: Stopping Counterfeits – Gaining Market Share

How can counterfeiting rates of up to 50% be effectively curbed – whilst simultaneously gaining new shares in the Asian market? The long-established Dutch company Meelunie demonstrates this effectively with a solution from tesa scribos® – and with immediate success.

The challenge

High counterfeit rates and poor transparency
The Dutch company Meelunie is one of the world's leading manufacturers of potato starch. When it comes to volume and turnover, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are the most important target markets for the product brand ‘Windmill’. Yet it is these regions in particular where there are a vast number of counterfeit products – in some cases representing 30–50% of the market. The result is a huge loss of business for the Dutch company, accompanied by a high risk of reputational damage and threats to consumer safety. There were multiple challenges: How can wholesalers, retailers and customers recognise counterfeit goods easily in future? And how can reliable digital data be generated that can also be used for strategic expansion of the Asian market?

Our solution

Responding quickly yet effectively
Within the space of just two months, Meelunie discovered the perfect solution in close collaboration with tesa scribos®: This joint project saw the development of a system solution and a custom security label that is tailored to all the company’s needs and is easy to implement in existing production lines. The solution chosen by Meelunie to protect its premium-quality Windmill products and brand image consists of the tesa PrioSpot® security label on every bag of potato starch, as well as an online tool, too: the tesa® connect & check platform. Retailers, resellers, customs officials and end consumers just need to scan the QR code using a smartphone or visit the website for information about how to confirm the authenticity of the products using various security features. At the same time, valuable data is sent back to the company, which can be used to make the entire supply chain more transparent and to generate crucial market insights.

"tesa’s innovative PrioSpot technology provided Meelunie with a critical element in our anti-counterfeit strategy in greater China. Our Windmill potato starch is better protected and as a company we have much a better insight in hotspots of counterfeit activity. Greatly recommended."
Jan van Vilsteren Commercial Director for Meelunie China

The benefits

More scans, more security – more market share
Retailers gave extremely positive feedback just a short time after the solution was introduced: despite a slight price increase, demand for products with the label increased markedly. The results could also be seen in the market. Products with a secure identity recaptured important market shares bit by bit – and Meelunie recorded an ever-increasing number of scans via the tesa® connect & check website. Thanks to the newly gathered data, strategic decisions can now be better prepared and informed decisions can be made – an important step to fully exploit the potential of the Asian market.

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