Digital Platform

Our unique brand protection technology is connected to the innovative digital platform SCRIBOS 360. This unparalleled combination makes you reap maximum benefits in the area of brand protection, anti counterfeiting and grey market detection. Furthermore, it allows you to engage with your customers, create product traceability and gain valuable market insights. 

Product authentication, interaction and data analysis – all in one place

When our security tag is combined with intelligent apps, modules and web solutions, you get a powerful tool to fight counterfeitsdetect grey markets and interact with your customers. Thanks to the connection of your products to the digital world you gain valuable market data and indispensable insights for your business – and with it, a real edge over counterfeiters and competitors.

And best of all, you have everything you need in just one system – our digital platform SCRIBOS 360. Our web & app solutions can be implemented in any existing system – whether it’s the standard application or your own, custom-built brand platform.

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This digital module can be used to reliably identify counterfeit products. Users are guided intuitively through the online product verification process and know immediately whether the product is genuine or counterfeit. The verification results are stored together with geodata and time, generate important data for brand owners and enable efficient planning for investigations in the field.

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Grey Market Protection

Easy access via a smartphone or desktop means that all target groups are able to carry out a product authentication check while registering the geodata. Our grey market module therefore enables in-depth analysis of the data, immediately notifying you as soon as a product crops up outside its intended destination.

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B2B Ordering

Our ordering platform allows you to distribute security tags to your entire network of sites and suppliers, both easily and without a hitch. This enables you to make sure that the quantities produced are exactly the quantities cleared for production. Overproduction is prevented, and you retain control and gain valuable insights into your supply chain.

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Customer Engagement

Provide your customers with ways of getting in contact interactively, generate new insights, increase brand loyalty and create a lasting customer focus. For example, using marketing activities such as lucky draws, surveys and bonus programmes – either standard or customised.

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Licensing Management

By releasing a fixed number of security tags to each licensee, you prevent potential overproduction. License fees are calculated on the basis of precise quantities, which has a direct and positive impact on your profitability. We take care of everything: from managing the licensees to distributing the security labels, right through to charging licence fees.

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Data Analytics

We use our solutions to gather valuable data all about your products and how they are used. We prepare in-depth analyses, clear reports and statistics for you. Specific recommendations are therefore generated automatically from the data, allowing you to make informed and sustainable decisions.

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You are interested in brand protection technology benefiting from digital added values?

Together, we’ll find a solution that is right for your existing system. Get in touch: +49 6221 33507 17, yourproductstalk@tesa-scribos.com

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