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Reflect your Innovative Brand Image

Making first opening an event: With our void label you can interact with your customers while they are opening your product for the first time. Combined with high-quality design features for enhancement it will reflect your innovative brand image.

Our HighPerSeal tamper evident seal

All our tamper evident seals provide maximum protection against tampering and theft throughout the complete supply chain. Whenever they are opened or manipulated, they leave an opening indication that is irreversible. In addition to this, our HighPerSeal security seal provides a wide range of innovative product enhancements. Choosing options like high quality material with shimmering effects or easy opening features reflects your image as a customer centric, innovative brand. Including a customised message inside the void effect makes opening your packaging an event and animates customers to interact with your brand.

tesa scribos_Enhaned Tamper Evident Seal

Including tesa® HighPerSeal product enhancements makes opening your packaging and interacting with your products an event.

We always adapt our tamper evident seals in colour, shape and size to respond to product specific requirements and harmonise with the brand’s corporate identity. Including further product enhancements generates more customer attention, promotes customer engagement and conveys a high-quality image of the brand.

When combined with a unique QR code and our SCRIBOS 360 digital platform, we can provide a deep understanding of your customer’s behaviour and information on market coverage. You get up-to-the-minute data on where and how your products are being used. You will gain in-depth insights into markets and customers, helping you to take informed decisions and develop sustainable strategies.

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