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Preserve Incentives for Buying Customers

Preventing abuse during marketing campaigns: With our tamper seal you can hide promotion codes from scammers and make sure you provide incentives of high financial value to buying customers only.

Our HiddenCode Label

Like all our tamper evident seals, the HiddenCode label irreversibly indicates theft and tampering throughout the entire logistics chain. Moreover, it enables an individual code to be hidden inside the void effect that is only visible after opening the label. This ensures that the code is only accessible to buying customers and allows a targeted customer interaction and incentivisation based on the individual code. Hiding the code stops scammers harvesting a huge number of codes without buying a single product, which is a high risk for brands in combination with high value incentives.

tesa scribos_Hidden Code Tamper Evident Seal

Customers can access a promotion code by opening the label and directly participate in a lucky draw.

In order to perfectly adapt to your corporate identity and packaging design, our HiddenCode label can be customised in colour, size and shape. You can also adapt the void effect to send a convincing message to your customer while opening the packaging.

For higher protection against counterfeiting and grey market, our security seal can also be combined with any of our security labels or direct print solutions. In combination with our SCRIBOS 360 digital platform, we provide a powerful tool to fight brand abuse, install product traceability and gain valuable market insights.

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