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Tamper Evident Seal: New Standards in First-Opening Indication

A security seal with multiple benefits: Our tamper seal not only provides maximum protection against tampering and theft, it also secures marketing campaigns and offers opportunities for product enhancement.

SCRIBOS® SecuritySealing provides an irreversible first-opening indication

The basis for all functionalities provided by our void label is its unique proof of first opening. As soon as the tamper seal is opened or manipulated, it immediately shows a so-called void effect, which is irreversible. This first-opening effect remains visible even if an attempt is made to reseal the tamper evident seal. Brand owners can benefit from this effect in a number of ways. First, the void label can be used to make tampering or theft visible throughout the whole supply chain. But it can also be used to provide certain information to customers only after buying and opening the package. This could be motivational messages or promotion codes that are only intended for buying customers.

We’ll find the right tamper evident seal for your needs.

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