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Security Direct Print: Seamless Integration of Reliable Brand Protection

Security directly printed on your product packaging or labels: Our direct print security tag is directly integrated into your packaging or product label design. It provides reliable, cost-efficient brand protection while keeping your production process unchanged.

ValiGate® Printed at your own Printing Facilities

We developed a process that allows you to print our ValiGate® security tag with standard printing technologies directly at your printing facilities. No additional production or labeling step is required, significantly simplifying implementation and roll-out.

Like our ValiGate labels, the direct print security tag allows a reliable automatic mobile product authentication check for all user groups including consumers. Integrated in a QR Code, it is accessible via smartphone camera, a customized app or any QR Code reader. It can also be used as a touchpoint for customer engagement, providing a large variety of digital benefits to your customers based on a product specific identity.

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Applying a security tag as a direct print solution makes many things easier for brand owners all in one go.

The security of ValiGate® lies in the self-developed, patented double encryption algorithm. Embedding the distribution of print data into our digital platform SCRIBOS® 360, combined with a proven security concept, reliably prevents unauthorized production.


A plus in terms of sustainability:

Directly printing the security tag on your product packaging results in less material consumption. No additional label, inks or even transport are required. Thus, this direct print alternative has a positive effect on the recyclability of your product packaging, application complexity and your economic footprint by completely skipping the physical label distribution.

You are looking for a suitable security tag for your products?

We’ll find the right brand protection technology for your needs. Get in touch: +49 6221 33507 17, yourproductstalk@tesa-scribos.com

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