Performance & Lab Tests: Ideal Security Label

You can rely on always being at the cutting edge of technology with your unique security tag: our applications technology team ensures that our smart labels not only satisfies all the latest requirements at all times but also work flawlessly.

Unparalleled expertise

Our security tags form the fundamental basis for protecting and digitally connecting your products. So it’s no wonder that they undergo comprehensive application testing in our test laboratories. Our materials are subject to the toughest requirements – such as high temperatures and humidity, for example. Our applications technology team will provide real-time testing and design custom samples to give you the perfect security label, either as standard or as part of a specific customer order.

Your marking solution is continuously tested and developed further.
Your security tag is continuously tested and developed further.

We work in partnership with our project management team to work out your specific conditions and requirements. We draw on a high level of skills, the adhesives expertise of our parent company tesa® and our experience with more than 500 global companies. Know-how that your company and your products can benefit from on a long-term basis.

You need a reliable brand protection technology?

Our applications technology will find the perfect product marking for you! Get in touch: +49 662 33507 17, yourproductstalk@tesa-scribos.com

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