Wine, Spirits & Foods

Security and added value for consumers: when it comes to wines, spirits and other foods, it is important to secure the integrity of the original packaging and the quality of the product. Yet producers also want to trigger the customers’ imagination and keep them in the long term.

The challenge

Guaranteeing quality and origin
Whether it’s fine wines and spirits, powdered infant formula milk or other foods – by refilling original bottles and packaging with inferior products, counterfeiters are not only compromising the image of quality brands. They’re also putting customer health at risk. That’s why there is an increasing focus on the ‘first opening experience’. Unusual tamper-proofing methods are in demand, acting as a seal of quality and guaranteeing authenticity. Besides reliable protection, producers are also after ways to offer their customers interactive experiences with the product – such as recipes, preparation tips and other bonuses.

Our solution

Our solutions ensure the quality of your product and create new product experiences for your customers.

Transparency at every stage – until it reaches the customer
We use our sealing solutions to give your products a mark that clearly shows when the product has been opened – and prevents it being refilled. In addition to this guarantee of quality for consumers, we also provide packaging with unique product identities. Thanks to our online modules, individual products can even be traced through every production and distribution channel, until the moment they reach the consumer. With this combination of product markings and intelligent digital tools, we turn brand owners into digital trendsetters who encourage long-term customer loyalty by introducing playful elements and adding new value in an ongoing customer journey. 

Companies such as Castel and Danone trust in years of experience with product digitalization already.

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Your benefits

Safeguarding quality, shaping customer experiences
With our product markings and seal of quality, your customers can trust in the integrity of the product. Refilling is no longer possible and counterfeits are easy to spot. Your product becomes a gateway to the digital world. Inspire your customers with exciting extra features that create a new product experience. As brand manufacturer, you generate vital data about customer behaviour, the activities of counterfeiters, grey-market trade, and production and distribution processes. And you boost your brand image, protect your turnover and avoid unjustified complaints at the same time.

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