Licensed Products

From protecting your licenses to obtaining valuable market data: Our licensing management solution allows you to centrally manage your licenses, effectively protect your brand and interact directly with your customers at any time.  

The challenge

Brand protection and transparency - unleash the full potential of your brands
Licensing is a profitable business area, but also poses many challenges and dangers for licensors and licensees: How can you keep track of rights, production and royalties? How can licensees be inspired to use product labels? How can you protect your brand from counterfeiting or unauthorised production? How does licensing become the ultimate marketing tool? How can important market and customer data be generated?

Our solution

Much more than brand protection and royalty management
By providing each licensed product with a smart product label, we connect the interests of licensor and licensee and help both parties optimize their license business.

Thanks to the use of patented technologies developed in-house, our security tags ensure maximum protection against counterfeiting. With intuitive online authentication, consumers can easily distinguish between original and counterfeit products. The security marking also serves as a digital touchpoint for customer interaction opportunities, which leads to a better product experience and thus a higher emotional connection to the brand.

The use of an order platform to distribute security markings ensures transparency about the quantities produced by the individual licensees. This simplifies reporting and billing of license fees for licensees and licensors. By processing the system via our digital platform tesa® 360, the licensee receives valuable market knowledge about their licence products. They can see where their products are on the market at any time, learn more about consumer behaviour and thus efficiently control marketing activities.

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Your benefits

Customized licensing solution
Thanks to our interactive and counterfeit-proof product labels and our digital platform tesa® 360, both licensors and licensees benefit from numerous advantages: You receive important market data for sustainable sales and marketing decisions and protect your brands from counterfeiting.

Together with you, we develop a licensing concept from which both you and your licensees benefit to the maximum and actively support the implementation and beyond. 

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