Cosmetics & Pharma

Protecting and activating consumers: Premium cosmetics and pharmaceuticals need reliable anti-counterfeiting measures. Our marking solutions protect your products, generate valuable market data using digital tools, and enable you to start a dialogue with your customers.

The challenge

Lack of transparency and discerning customers
Poor-quality imitations of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products are cheap to produce and can be sold for a high profit. These products do not contain any active ingredients and can even contain harmful ingredients, posing a risk to consumer health – and to the brand image. One major challenge that companies face is the lack of transparency throughout the production and distribution chains. This benefits the grey market and in particular makes product recalls difficult. Regulations also vary depending on the region – such as the duty to inform, which currently can only be observed at great expense. Last but not least, there's the question of how to use the digitalization trend to benefit the company. The aim is for companies to connect their products digitally, allowing them to offer customers an even better brand experience.

Our solution

The combination of product marking and digital tools provides reliable protection and innovative product experiences.

Product digitalization meets counterfeit protection
Rather than just a printed code, our solutions use a combination of intelligent marking technologies and seals, as well as a link to digital tools. This creates multiple security barriers. Conclusive proof of first opening guarantees the integrity and quality of the product, whilst the data generated in the track & trace system ensures complete traceability of production batches. Smart online tools provide evidence of counterfeiting and grey-market trading. Product recalls can therefore be carried out reliably and changing regulations easily integrated, without the packaging design having to be affected. Our product markings become the interactive starting point for customer interaction. Digital competitions and bonus programmes generate long-term customer loyalty to your brand.

Companies such as Nivea and Chloé trust in tesa scribos' marking solutions already.

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Your benefits

Security and customer dialogue in one
Reliable proof of authenticity enables brand owners to achieve full transparency across all their distribution channels. They can effectively track counterfeits and grey-market trade, reach out to customers and so boost their sales in the long term. Unjustified complaints and the financial damage that accompanies them are a thing of the past. The new access to customers generates important data about their behaviour, product usage or the success of a marketing campaign.

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