Consumer Electronics

Entertainment for your customers: Imagine your products could not only entertain your customers but also inspire lasting enthusiasm about your brand. Our intelligent marking solutions offer you full scope to generate unique customer experiences using digital product features.

The challenge

Standing out from the crowd
Smartphones, headphones, tablets – consumer electronics are booming. Yet in an ever-growing market, it is increasingly difficult for brand owners to set themselves apart from the competition. Unusual solutions are called for – solutions that set trends, motivate customers and create long-term brand loyalty. And there’s the well-known problem that, besides counterfeiting and grey-market activities, theft and tampering are also on the rise – especially in retail. Reliable tamper-proofing is needed.

Our solution

Leave your competitors behind with new digital features for your product.

Digital touchpoints – for top security
We use our intelligent markings to turn products into digital touchpoints for customer interaction. Markings can be linked to content that is always new, with complete flexibility – from competitions to surveys and even vouchers. At the same time, we also guarantee reliable proof of authenticity, which can easily be checked by all target groups and by end customers – either with the naked eye or using a smartphone. Our seals leave behind a clear indication when they have been opened for the first time. Our customers enjoy complete freedom with the design. From transparent security labels to striking corporate identity colours – when it comes to the design, the sky’s the limit.

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Your benefits

Offering what others don't have
A product that can offer consumers added value beyond the actual use of the product stands out against rival products and encourages lasting brand loyalty. As a company, you also gain valuable data about the behaviour of your customers – which you can use to make informed decisions about your product development. Reliable market data allows you to steer your marketing in a precise direction, whilst at the same time eliminating counterfeits, protecting your reputation and avoiding expensive complaints. An unparalleled first-opening experience gives your customers security and boosts your brand image.

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