Better and more convenient for customers – more cost-efficient and innovative for brand owners: the Internet of Things is one of the top trends of the future. Our intelligent markings enables companies to spark lasting enthusiasm and become a pioneer with new product features.

The challenge

Exploiting the full potential of the Internet of Things
For consumers, the Internet of things offers unparalleled added benefits: When a toothbrush head starts the custom program straight away, the coffee machine detects the coffee pod automatically to produce perfectly brewed coffee or the vacuum cleaner saves energy thanks to a smart bag – normal customers are turned into brand lovers. This trend poses a major challenge for companies: How can they make their products intelligent? How can the performance and sustainability of products be increased wisely? And what new business models can be generated for the future?

Our solution

Product-machine interaction at the highest level
We give companies every possible way of enhancing conventional consumables with extraordinary experiences using our smart marking solutions. This is done using markings that are invisible to the naked eye, for example. Identification marks such as these let the products do the talking. The product conveys which individual machine settings are accessed and what additional benefits this is intended to produce. Customers therefore enjoy the ultimate in product performance and convenience – and copycat products and counterfeits are excluded at the same time. Each consumable item also serves as a digital touchpoint and can be used in customisable ways to motivate customers by opening the gateway to the Internet using a smartphone. As a result, companies benefit from a future-proof solution that can be customised for each of their products. This allows them to shape future trends themselves and gain valuable advantages over their competitors.

Your benefits

Becoming a pioneer of the Internet of Things
With the best possible performance, innovative forms of communication and campaign activities and surprising added benefits, you encourage long-term customer loyalty to your company. The direct, digital communication with your customers allows you to gather crucial data and obtain feedback from the market. This gives you an indispensable opportunity to develop your products and business strategies at a completely new level – and so lead the way in the Internet of Things.

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