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Secure product identities, control over international suppliers and transparency in the production and logistics chains: we use a combination of intelligent marking solutions and digital tools to prepare the automotive and lubricants industries for the future.

The challenge

Transparency & engagement
Product counterfeiting and grey-market trading affect both the market for original automotive components (OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer) and the free spare parts market (IAM, Independent Automotive Aftermarket). Lack of transparency is a fundamental problem: conventional markings only allow for limited control over the volumes of external suppliers. What’s more, it’s difficult to pinpoint the actual decision-makers – workshops and retailers – and get in contact with them. And last but not least, the shift in the automotive industry means there is ever-growing demand for products with relevant added benefits, such as installation guides or bonus schemes for mechanics.

Our solution

ts_Industries_Automotive_BrakePads_VM L
Counterfeit protection, supplier control and customer loyalty, all via a single system.

Two ingredients for a host of added benefits
Our anti-counterfeit markings provide reliable proof of authenticity. And our sealing labels and adhesive tapes immediately indicate when a product has been opened without authorisation (proof of first opening). So what makes our solution special? The intelligent markings are linked to our digital platform, tesa® 360. Whether it’s online authentication, an ordering platform that controls the dispensing of markings, or marketing modules to spur workshops and retailers to action, our solutions are easy to integrate in your existing systems, provide transparency in your production and supply chains and bring you closer to your customers.

Companies such as PSA and Continental trust in our years of experience with product digitalization already.

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Your benefits

Security and digital intelligence
Linking your products digitally gives you valuable data, which you can use to effectively expose counterfeiting and grey-market trade and gain control over your suppliers. All the important data is compiled, presented in an easy-to-understand format and automatically evaluated – all on one platform. This allows you to manage measures that will increase your sales figures and secure price levels in various markets. Our digital solutions also give you direct access to workshops and retailers, providing you with vital insights and enabling you to boost customer loyalty.

Read how PSA Group improved their supply chain transparency and market knowledge through tesa VeoMark® and tesa® 360

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