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Premium protection with digital customer experiences: We don’t just use our smart marking solutions and online tools to protect luxury goods and fashion items from counterfeiting and grey-market trade. We facilitate digital customer interaction to help you outpace competition.

The challenge

Setting digital trends whilst eliminating counterfeits
The luxury goods and fashion industry is forever changing – customers expect new trends and innovations alongside the highest quality standards. In the era of ‘unboxing’, brand experience involves not just the product itself but its packaging, too. This calls for solutions that create a positive ‘first opening experience’ and can also be combined in flexible ways, for example with hangtags or sew-in labels.

Scarcely has a new product been launched before deceptively realistic imitations appear. Since they are often sold at a similar price, customers are barely able to recognise them as counterfeits. Brand owners face financial losses and loss of reputation. International production and distribution networks make it difficult for manufacturers to track grey-market trading and overproduction and to make processes transparent.

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Become a digital trendsetter and excite customers with new product experiences.

Our solution

Connecting products digitally
With our intelligent product identification solutions and digital modules, brand owners in the luxury goods and fashion industry get a two-fold benefit. Every product is given a counterfeit-proof product identity. These can be integrated easily into existing processes and are linked to our digital tools. This gives brand owners transparency across their internal and external production and distribution processes. Our digital modules also facilitate interaction with customers by enabling marketing activities such as competitions, surveys and bonus schemes. These activities can also easily be combined with existing promotions or customer loyalty schemes.

Companies such as Mont Blanc and Mammut rely on tesa scribos' marking solutions already.

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Your benefits

Protection, transparency and engagement
Companies equipping their products with secure product identities benefit from reliable proof of authenticity and the ability to effectively expose grey-market trading. By generating valuable market data, as a manufacturer you gain vital insights into your customers – which you can use as the basis for effective decision-making. Digital marketing activities complete the brand experience for your customers. Higher customer satisfaction levels increase your sales figures and boost your brand image. And last but not least, you position yourself as a trendsetter by adding a digital dimension to your products – and successfully set yourself apart from the competition.

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