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Providing security and customer loyalty: Chemical products need special protection, as counterfeits often become apparent after a significant time delay. We combine intelligent marking solutions and digital tools to secure authenticity – and provide numerous added benefits.

The challenge

High safety standards yet tough authenticity verification
There are high profits to be made from counterfeit chemical products such as fertilisers, seeds and pesticides, with the result that organised crime is increasingly becoming involved in this activity. Verifying the authenticity of chemical products – some of which are pure liquids – with the naked eye is very difficult, and there is a risk of grave safety problems and reputational damage. In order to adhere to the safety standards and quality requirements of associations and legislators, a solution is needed that enables the authenticity of the contents to be ascertained and indicates the correct use of the product.

Our solution

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Counterfeit protection and customer loyalty through digitally connected products.

Authenticity thanks to intelligent labels
Our security labels provide each piece of original packaging with a unique identity. This allows originals to be distinguished from counterfeits easily, without any specific tools or special training. A security seal also provides clearly visible proof of first opening, which protects the integrity of the product. The security labels are linked to our digital platform, tesa® 360. Each time a label is verified, a record is stored in the system. This allows manufacturers to generate valuable data: Which product was verified where? Where are suspicious products located? What path did the product take through the production and distribution chain? This data plays a vital role in locating counterfeits and optimising internal and external processes. Another advantage is that the digital link also allows the labels to be used as proof of use.

Your benefits

Adding value digitally for security and customer loyalty
The quality of the original products is fully safeguarded – for customers and legislators. Illegal activities are exposed easily thanks to digital intelligence: counterfeiting and grey-market trading can be detected quickly and efficiently and prevented. This is important to keep prices secure and protect the reputation of the brand. Our tesa® 360 digital platform also provides marketing modules, which can be used to put bonus schemes, competitions and surveys in place easily – encouraging long-term customer loyalty to your brand.

Companies such as Agro Mais and KWS benefit from tesa scribos' years of experience in product digitalization and security technology already.

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