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Combating Overproduction: Ensure Sales with Authorised Products

Additional production of unauthorised products or the ‘third shift’ presents a challenge since products are often produced on the same machines used to manufacture authorised products. This makes it extremely difficult to identify counterfeit products. Identification is only possible with counterfeit-proof security tag combined with a digital platform that ensures transparency in the supply chain. 

Ensure transparency with a counterfeit-proof security marking and a digital platform

All original products should feature a security tag to allow reliable detection of products manufactured during overproduction. Effective counterfeit protection is provided by brand protection technologies that have been developed by the security provider itself and are thus not freely available on the market. This ensures that the countefeit protection cannot be imitated. Our unique security marking is based on a self-developed laser inscription. The security tag can be authenticated with the naked eye or using intuitive online product verification on a smartphone.

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The distribution of counterfeit-proof product identifications via a central ordering platform ensures reliable identification of products from overproduction

If all authorised production sites and suppliers now order the security marking from the security provider's central ordering platform, the flow of goods becomes transparent, allowing the brand owner to view it at any time. The brand owner can also specify in advance what particular quantities are assigned to each manufacturer. If additional unauthorised products are then manufactured, no security tags are available for this purpose. This allows counterfeit products from overproduction to be easily exposed on the market. Numerous automated statistics and analyses provide data for efficient investigation.

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