Reduce Grey Market – Ensure Price Levels

The unauthorised flow of goods and unwanted retailer activities can only be prevented by adding a reliable security tag to your product tracing. Our brand protection technology, database systems and intelligent analysis tools provide transparency – and are easy to implement, too.

Efficiently expose grey market suppliers

When grey market goods pop up outside their intended destination, a lack of information can often make it difficult for brand owners to find those behind it and the source of faults. If your company suspects gray market activities and overproduction, it is important to have effective options for monitoring and resolving the issue.

See the big picture at all times with intelligent analysis tools.
See the big picture at all times with intelligent analysis tools.

That’s why more than 500 customers worldwide put their faith in our reliable brand protection technology for a secure product identity: these markings can be scanned anywhere in the world by retailers or consumers, for example, and compared against the database for your target market. A clear and in-depth analysis of all scans is automatically prepared in an easy-to-understand format, enabling efficeint grey market detection. Unlike simple printed codes, our security tags can be used in a court of law – making them an effective basis for proving unwanted activities.

Our tailor-made solutions can easily be integrated into existing production and supply chain traceability systems. We work with you to define the right next steps with our strategic consulting service.

You want to uncover and prevent grey market efficiently?

We’ll show you how to stop gray market trade effectively. Contact us: hello@scribos.de

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