Interact with your Customers – Build Brand Loyalty

What if your product could interact with your customers? With our smart labels and markings, you create interactive touchpoints to engage with your customers, gather market data and strengthen brand loyalty.

Add value with new digital product features

Many companies are looking for a reliable way to offer their customers an interactive product experience. Our solution? To connect your products to digital tools and systems using digital label or print solutions.

Enhance your products with unique experiences.
Enhance your products with unique experiences.

This gives you a valuable connection to your customers and allows you to obtain important data about their behaviour and how they use the product – such as geodata or the success of your sales and marketing channels. What’s more, you can also enhance the product experience with prizes, promotional codes, cross-selling and surveys. As a long-term partner, we provide advice on selecting the right tools, ensuring your company is close to its customers and able to respond quickly to market trends.  

Together, we’ll guide your business into the digital future. Whether it’s a small project or long-term collaboration, we provide both off-the-shelf and more complex, custom-built CRM modules. If requested, we also work closely with local and international partners in the process. As part of our strategic consulting service, we examine your needs and reveal how you can achieve increased customer loyalty that lasts with a new brand experience.

You want to start a dialogue with your customers?

We’ll work out the best approach to connect with your customers. Get in touch: +49 6221 33507 17, yourproductstalk@tesa-scribos.com

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