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As a 100% subsidiary of the KURZ Group, we benefit from the extensive experience and the global presence in the international market of security applications of our mother company.

From adhesive tape as a data storage medium to global supplier of product markings and digital applications


At SCRIBOS we let your products talk: we use secure labels and markings to link products to digital platforms and systems. This enables us to help our customers fight counterfeiting and grey market trade, engage with their customers, acquire market knowledge and implement Track & Trace. And we’ve been doing this for 20 years. But do you know our story?

It all began with two physicists and a tesafilm® transparent adhesive tape …

University of Heidelberg, 1998. Physicists Dr Steffen Noethe and Matthias Gerspach were investigating whether information could be stored on simple transparent tesafilm® adhesive tape and then read out digitally. In the late 90s this was something completely new! And the two physicists had actually succeeded: they were able to store data – invisible to the human eye – on simple adhesive tape. To achieve this, they developed an innovative laser marking process called lithographic marking. The discovery was covered by the German-speaking press and even made it onto television. Finally, tesa SE – the company producing this tesafilm® adhesive tape – became aware of the project. And so it was that in 2001 tesa scribos GmbH was founded as a full subsidiary of tesa SE. In 2021, tesa scribos GmBH became part of the KURZ Group and now carries the name SCRIBOS GmbH. As a 100% subsidiary of the KURZ Group, the company benefits from the extensive experience and the global presence in the international market of security applications of its new mother company.

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Matthias Gerspach
“We had no idea at the time that our research project would be so successful and even lead to a new company being formed. We now have over 500 customers worldwide who we supply with product markings – wherever they are needed in the world.”
Matthias Gerspach now Managing Director of Supply Chain at SCRIBOS

Data storage or anti-counterfeiting solution?

Noethe and Gerspach identified two possible applications for their discovery. On the one hand, they could optimise the storage capacity of adhesive film so that it could hold large amounts of data such as media and documents: Tesafilm® as a transparent, easy-to-transport storage medium.

On the other hand, the researchers could develop unique markings for branded products to make it possible to distinguish between counterfeits and genuine products: Tesafilm® as a sort of product passport to combat counterfeiting.

These ideas coincided with the rapid evolution of storage media that began in the late 1990s. CDs and DVDs entered the market. This made the decision an easy one: from that point on, SCRIBOS focused on developing counterfeit-proof product identities. And it paid off: thanks to the continuous development of our high-tech product markings, there has not been a single successful imitation attempt since the company was founded.

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Digital pioneers: from counterfeit protection label to secure touchpoint to enter the digital world

Right from the start, we didn’t just focus on counterfeit-proof product labels. We have also developed digital features that can be combined with the anti-counterfeiting markings. Back in 2009, SCRIBOS launched the tesa® Connect & Check digital platform. Even then, brand owners could use the system to track where counterfeits of their products were appearing around the world. And that was just the beginning!

Today, our labels and markings act as a secure gateway to the digital world. And our customers are able to use them in a multitude of applications in areas such as customer interaction, grey market protection, counterfeit protection, market knowledge and track & trace: We let our customers’ products talk, offering them the new benefits of digitalisation. More than 500 customers worldwide put their trust in our expertise, including global brands such as Peugeot, Bosch, Castel and Chloé. 

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Sebastian Praefcke
“Marking technology continues to lie at the heart of our customer solutions: a secure touchpoint for entry into the digital world. Together with our digital platforms and tools, we work with our customers to shape the digital transformation at the product level.”
Sebastian Praefke Managing Director at SCRIBOS